Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

About me

My name is Ali Hidayat, I am a digital designer, visual designer, UX/UI designer, and web designer. Currently based in Philadelphia. I have been doing design for almost four years. Starting as a graphic designer. In 2014, I shifted my interest and got into web design and UX/UI design.


Adobe Creative Cloud

I have been using every single software in Adobe Creative Cloud since 2010. Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, XD and Premiere. However, sometimes I used some other product such as Sketch, Balsamiq, and Invision


I love illustration since I was a little kid. And I am still using it until this day, to hand-sketch a design before jumped into a wireframe.


I have been working with several programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Jquery and I also work with some framework such as Bootstrap and Jquery. These programming languages are the life of every design that I make.


Mack Media

Digital Designer


Creating and designing interface for client website

Texas A&M Corpus Christi University

Graphic Designer / Marketing

2014 - 2014

Designing and creating all of the marketing materials such as
brochure, poster and presentation for marketing purposes only


Interface Designer

2015 - 2015

Creating a user experience and designing interface for the website.


Philadelphia University

May 2014 - Jan 2017
Master of Science - Interactive Media and Design

Trisakti University

May 2006- Jun 2010
Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design

The Process


Every time I create something it always starts with heavy research. First and foremost, what the audience wants to see and don't want to see. Second, look at everything that is already out there, see what they are lack of and improve it. Third, gather opinion and critique from the audience. Last and fourth, iteration.


No matter how good you are you always have to sketch before you jump into the design. I do hand-sketch before jump into a computer design. Or doing it in Balsamiq or sketch app.


Based on the research and sketch now it's time to create a mockup. This part of the process is to show to a client how the web might look like. Sometimes the client or me, find something missing and I might have to go back to the first process. Keep in mind that I am creating something awesome so iteration is inevitable.


When everything is complete, the client's happy, and I am happy. Next step is to jump into the computer and creates it and bring it to life. Based on the mockup


Everybody is not perfect, including me. In this process requires multiple people and a great pair of eye. looking for a bug, typo, grammatical error or anything that missing or looks odd on the web.

Suggestions & Critics

This part is optional, sometimes if I have spare time or have nothing to do on Sunday. I promote the website into a web forum and gather people's opinion regarding the web. There are many people out there who are better at design/programming and it would not hurt to get any input or critique.